ECLAT Textile Company is vertical integrated manufacturer with knitting, dyeing, finishing & full package garment production; Specializing in circular knits established with Taiwan base production since 1977. Los Angeles branch office was set up in 1989 to service primarily north american industry, with warehouse option for local market in-stock programs with signature fabrications aiming towards activewear customers.

Our main goal is to help USA Market start ups, mid. size & growing companies to a stable growth, where we can work with them on set up minimums, starting with in-stock program with min's of 1 roll, to basic bulk prod. at 500yds/col+.

We're commited to provide you with advanced, technical, highly function products, but also sportswear and fashion products that have undeniable, universal appeal.

Low minimums, fast delivery, personable customer service & sharp prices is what describes our solid company & we're here to help you into prosperous future.

  • Elastic & Evergreen: Fabrics & Garments
  • Comfortable: Comfortable Life
  • Lasting: Enterprise Ever-Lasting
  • Advanced: Advanced Technology
  • Technology: Constantly Technical Level
Logistics production time vertical integration
  • A Vertical Integrated Manufacturer, including Knitting, Dyeing, Finishing and Garment, Specializing in Stretch Circular Knitting Fabrics and Garments.
  • Globalize Production Bases for shortening lead time with competitive price.
  • Provide more than 3,000 innovative new fabrics per year.
  • Keep close contact with Main Sports and Styling Brands. Enable to provide fashion and color trend.
  • Leader in producing Functional Fabrics and Garments.

Vertical Fabric to Full Package Domestic

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Customize Design Package Service

custom design package service custom design package service custom design package service

In House Development & Design

In house Development
Client List

Bebe/bebe Sport, Canari, Cannandale, Champion, Columbia, Danskin, Juicy Couture, Lululemon, Nordstrom, Motionwear, Moving Comfort, Nike, Prana, Speedo, Trek, Under Armour, Victoria's Secret, Zoot, Asics, REI and more!

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